The creation of metaverses in technology companies has been a topic since 2021, booming when Facebook announced its name and product change; they would no longer be a social networking company but a metaverse, a completely immersive one to which we will move our life to make it virtual and shared. 

Landian, in more than a year of work, has managed to position itself as one of the metaverses with the most incredible variety of products and functionalities offered to its community; Landian’s landowners build businesses in different niches and its outstanding offer with six districts has been published by Entrepreneur magazine in January of this year. 

Entrepreneur solidified with its review our presence in the global media and highlighted the investment, education, entertainment, and usability opportunities that Landian has as a decentralized proposition in Web3 and the broader world of blockchain networks. 

The magazine also mentions our solid competitive proposition in the metaverse market and proposes us as a different option against competitors. Landian continues to be highlighted in diverse media and press.

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