This year is coming to an end, and if we look at the past, we will realize that in 2022 Landian managed to reach the Web3 market and is now preparing for its consolidation in the next twelve months. 

To write this blog, we had to sit down to write a list of important things that happened in 2022, and we realized that the list was long and that we had many milestones to share. 

This text is the last one of this year, and we will tell you everything we did, everything we worked on, and the good news that came in the year. 

Our team grew 

Landian started with a few collaborators in a small office, creating ideas and projects in the metaverse. We quickly grew in the first half of this year, and the Marketing, Development, Art, Human Resources, and Architecture teams were filled with new people that helped to achieve essential milestones; today, we are 240 employees in the different Landian offices in Colombia, Malta, Costa Rica, and the United Arab Emirates. 

New members also joined the Core Team, who worked during 2022 in networking events in different countries. Landian became known internationally, and people from different cultures got to know the metaverse through Landian.

Music and concerts enlivened the community 

Natiash and Dominique Maharaj are two singers who trusted Landian to show their music to the world. Their videos on Youtube, produced by Landian’s team, already have thousands of views and comments, and their fans got to know Landian and learn about the metaverse and Web3. 

Landian has a whole entertainment district for this kind of event and concert; by 2023, more singers will show their musical proposals in the metaverse, and our community will grow in all niches.

Renowned athletes trained at Landian

athletes trained at Landian

In 2022 we strengthened our collaboration with the most outstanding universities in Colombia and organized a cycling event that our community enjoyed in different countries. 

Rigoberto Urán, one of the most recognized cyclists in Latin America, led a virtual track inside Landian, and people could compete with him and listen to his sporting experiences.

Our first public land sale

first public sale of lands in Landian

In September of this year, we had our first public land sale, and we were in the first position of BSC Scan as the largest collection of minted NFTs; around 370,000 plots were sold in a few days, an achievement that the Landian community conquered. 

The development and platform team created the Landian marketplace, which is currently being optimized for land sales; this was Landian’s most important event in 2022 and consolidated us as a real metaverse with land available for everyone. For Landian Tier 2, we are already expecting more metaverse pioneers.

New office, new challenges

New Landian Offices

In November, the team moved to bigger offices with more facilities and integration spaces. All Landian employees can play and rest in their free time; we all work with the best technology in the best facilities. Landian closes the year by doubling the number of employees and increasing its network. 

In these new offices, we finished creating the Landian Biomes Test and Visit Your Land, Landian’s most recent products and two of our most important milestones. With these two metaverse features, we already have a team of alpha testers giving us feedback to improve all aspects of Landian; we were the first metaverse to link the minting of an NFT to your wallet within the ecosystem.

We close 2022 grateful for a year full of work; the saying that Landian is the metaverse of the future is not just a slogan; it is our motto, and day by day, we become the real Web3. We work for you, and sitting in front of a computer, we are convinced that we are doing it right. 

We are already waiting for you, 2023.

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