On March 22, Forbes magazine, one of the most recognized publications in economics and the market, published a report on the value of cryptocurrencies in the metaverse and decentralized projects. In this article, our CEO, Austin Yavorsky, was interviewed by the Forbes team to share his views on the role of digital currencies in Landian and the metaverse. 

In the article, Austin explains some of the reasons behind the perceived value of Bitcoin, the supply-driven metaverse market, market reaction, speed of transactions, and people’s purchasing power, among other fundamental aspects of adopting this new stage of the internet. 

The magazine also quotes some opinions of our CTO, Daniel Vergara, commenting on the possibilities that artists and all creators have with NFTs, digital art in the metaverse, and the immutability of smart contracts. You can read the Forbes article in Spanish here. (Criptomonedas, la divisa del metaverso – Forbes Colombia).

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