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About Landian

Landian exists so that people, businesses, organizations, and cultures can engage in the Metaverse unencumbered and without limitations. Moreover, it is where becoming anyone or anything is limited only by the imagination. One’s ability to evolve and thrive is determined by level of effort.

At Landian, our focus is to build on the collective growth of virtual worlds by making them more interactive, accessible, and easier to navigate.

Rewarding creativity and social interaction is what all great societies have in common. That is why Landian is packed with exciting incentives that stimulate user engagement and commerce. Plus, it is governed by a shared value system that benefits founders and users.

The Metaverse is a virtual environment that gives users the opportunity to create experiences and engage with others from around the world. The Metaverse is inevitable, and yet the concept is far from new. Over decades we have come to depend on similar adaptations centered on commerce, social interactions, and unique interpretations of personal expression.  

Welcome to the world of Landian and the Metaverse’s next evolution of cooperation, communication, storytelling, and emotional responses without the impediments often created by distance, time, money, race, and religion.

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Landian Technology

Landian is designed to counter common market, ecommerce, and engagement deficiencies in the existing Metaverse market. Through the use of world-class centralization and decentralization networks, blockchain-based security risks are substantially reduced. Plus, their unique functions eliminate network latency so that important data is captured, transmitted, and processed at higher speeds. 

At Landian, we believe that for a Metaverse to be successful, it must encourage user engagement, stimulate market and ecommerce systems, and create and sustain multiple layers of peer-to-peer smart contracts – like those necessary for building structures and landscapes. We also know that its strength, speed, and ability to scale quickly is dependent on its networks.

Landian utilizes both Amazon Web Services (AWS), a best-in-class centralized network for streaming services like Netflix, and a decentralized network that runs on the BSC.

AWS is the gold standard for rendering Landian graphics and motion over a centralized network. It is the fastest way to access, transmit, and process hundreds of functions over 100,000+ international servers. AWS also creates multiple backups.

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Landian Ecosystem

In just a decade, blockchain technology has gone from concept to buzzword. Likewise, Bitcoin has inspired the development of thousands of other cryptocurrencies. Together, the blockchain and cryptocurrencies have rallied a global community of fervent investors and businesses. 

Landian’s ecosystem is a global community in real and virtual spaces. Above all, it is where interactions, performances, consultations, workshops, and the sale of tangible and intangible assets take place.

The Landian ecosystem includes physical Landian Cafés located around the world, and built and financed by the community. Landian Cafés bridge the gap between real and virtual spaces and allow for real-life interactions and experiences.

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Landian Economics

The LNDA token is built on the Binance Smart Chain with direct smart contract integration through BSC. That is to say, LNDA is tradable inside the Landian virtual Metaverse and through reputable exchanges. Plus, LNDA can be used to purchase land and digital assets.

LNDA is an NFT (non-fungible token) with a unique token ID and contract components built into it. LNDA makes multiple levels of verification possible. It can be transferred with payouts or royalties adjusted by the parent holder. Land can only be purchased with LNDA.

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Landian Connection

Landian’s real-world physical spaces come in various forms. Governed for the people, by the people, these spaces comprise the Landian ecosystem in the Metaverse. Subsequently, exclusive access is limited to Landian members that own and hold LNDA in their coin wallets.

Landian Cafés and headquarters function as incubators, networking hubs, and live event venues where community members can gather, interact, express themselves, and network to create the world’s most exclusive, unique, and disruptive entertainment experiences.

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The Future of Metaverse

Engage in the community like never before in the Metaverse. From models to structures, and venue management to events, Landian spaces are proving grounds for builders, designers, sellers, talent, and agents, or those aspiring to be agents. The opportunities are endless and the number or depth of smart contracts is limitless. 

The BSC permanently records multiple layers of RFPs generating countless commission structures and payouts with transparency. Landian’s also features an incentive process that stimulates new development faster and at a lower cost, making it extremely cost-effective for communities.

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Core Team

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The LNDA token is built on Binance Smart Chain. Also, its smart contract integration uses BSC. LNDA will be tradable through exchanges and inside the Landian virtual Metaverse. It can be used to purchase land and digital assets.

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