What was previously announced is now reality. Landian Metaverse has sold all of the plots in its Tier 1, and users have arrived in masses to build on their new land. We have delivered on the promise of being the most advanced and realistic decentralized metaverse to open its doors to make the innovations of the future. 

From the Landian Foundation, we thank every buyer who is now a part of this metaverse, the early adopters, all of the enthusiasts that make up our growing community, the new followers on our ever-growing social media, our ambassadors, and all those who have believed in Landian. This metaverse is no longer just an idea but a reality.

The following steps for Landian will be determined by what the community wants to build, their partnerships, and plans; as their dreams grow, Landian will develop and offer more to those who want to join the metaverse. 

The entire development, marketing, architecture, product, advisors, human resources, and blockchain development team says ¡thank you! and welcome, you have arrived in the metaverse of the future.

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