Capital City, Metahuman Creator, and the Landian Lobby will arrive this year for the whole community. They are already announced in our roadmap, and we will tell you more details in this blog. 

If 2022 were the year Landian showed its Web3 proposal to the world, 2023 would bring Landian to all users who can already enter the metaverse to do many things. Playing, buying, selling, having fun, investing, and making friends will be some of the many things that Landian brings this year and that we will be able to experience as the releases happen. 

In Landian, we know that our community is waiting to know how Capital City will be, how it integrates into the metaverse, and how it works within Landian; it is essential to know that when this product arrives, we will explain its functions, purposes and the approach it will have for business and company creation in the metaverse, Capital City will be a dynamic and attractive place with the highest level of experimentation.

The creation of your metahuman will be a reality that you will be able to experience in Landian; this is a tool that configures your appearance in the metaverse and will have a user guide to change your height, skin color, physical characteristics and all aspects of your arrival. The Metahuman Creator will be integrated to Landian and available for interaction. 

The Landian lobby works with Capital City and is the landing point where these two products connect; it is a 35,000 square meter experience area through which users will enter the metaverse until heading to their land, districts, and different attractions in the Landian space. 

All these experiences are in production to be launched in the first months of 2023, and the Marketing Team will inform the exact dates for each product. 

What do you think of these products? Tell us in the comments.

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