Landian has a utility token called LNDA. With this token, we can buy land within the metaverse, pay for goods and services, and live in the same ecosystem that builds the community. From September 1, you can buy the token and then select your lands. 

Binance Smart Chain is the blockchain for the token, and it was chosen for its positioning in cryptocurrencies worldwide; it also allows greater adoption and ease of interaction with digital currencies. 

The LNDA total supply available is 10,000,000,000,000. The entire incoming economy to the metaverse is associated with the movement of $LNDA. That is why it is the utility token approved to pay and sell in Landian. This token will be the only token permitted to use for the purchase of lands; however, Landian could consider other possibilities in the medium term. 

With $LNDA, it will be possible to purchase all assets within Landian: from lands to building services, model homes, clothes, shoes, and NFTs. Landian’s Token will carry out every transaction made in the ecosystem. 

From August 2021 to July 2022, private sales for the token have taken place. In these private sales, the token’s value has varied and strengthened as the metaverse develops.

We expect more people to come to the metaverse in the upcoming sale. Because of this, we hope Landians are already planning to build on their land.  

How many plots of land will you buy in this public sale? Tell us in the comments. 

The Landian Team

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