Metaverses are still under construction, new projects appear as the months go by, and they all have two ways to develop: centralization and decentralization. Some people have doubts about which one is better and they look at the benefits and opportunities each project offers; people will choose the one that gives them more freedom. 

Landian is a decentralized metaverse; it has a governance token and works through a blockchain. It is not like other metaverses whose primary focus is on gaming; here, people can also play, but this project goes much further. In the six districts of Landian, there is space for sports activities, entertainment, finance and business, video games, adult entertainment, and fashion. As the metaverse grows, its opportunities expand. 

Decentralized metaverses give control to the community, and the participants can use their voices to make decisions and reach a consensus. The big difference is that in centralized metaverses, such as Meta Platforms, a single entity controls the entire network, and they have internal servers that regulate the virtual world. These regulations also monitor users’ investments and money, which is why many prefer disruptive options, such as Landian.

The LNDA governance token is built on Binance Smart Chain with direct, smart contract integration via Near Protocol. LNDA can be traded through exchanges and within the Landian metaverse. We can achieve all this interaction thanks to Blockchain and decentralized projects that have united many supporters into a community.

Which metaverses do you like the most? How do you prefer metaverses, centralized or decentralized?

The Landian Team

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