Projects involving blockchain implementation need thousands of people working all over the world. The work these people provide is essential and is guided by basic rules known as governance.

Governance aims to keep the power on the side of the people to ensure that all users participate and create a community. These rules are formed by a consensus of the same users participating in the blockchain. Governance helps the interest in the project to be maintained for the blockchain participants and the users working directly on the project.

Those who build within Landian can finance operations and expansion projects through crowdfunding and public coin offerings. In governance, the consensus achieved through voting on the protocol optimized for each blockchain stands out.

Landian’s governance token, LNDA, controls plot boundaries and monitors community guidelines and smart contracts recorded and executed on the blockchain. The governance also provides spaces for creating where the community can build for others if they have no money. If a user owns land in Landian but does not want to make something, they can receive proposals for others to build.

The community can fund projects for the creators to build in the metaverse; this way, a win-win relationship is established between everyone. Landian is a decentralized metaverse, and the community is essential for the project because they are the ones who will build the metaverse.

The Landian Team

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