Since January 2022, the Mexican singer based in Medellin, Colombia, has been racking up hits that Billboard magazine has reported. Dominique Maharaj is one of the new voices of electronic music, and her song My Beautiful Mistake reached the Landian metaverse with Unreal Engine 5.

She is the first Latin singer to produce her music from the metaverse, a disruptive approach to music that explores new formats and sounds for the audience. The video clip is set in a concert with a big stage, DJ, and the people dancing and having fun; The video was produced from the latest update of Unreal Engine, which gives more realistic movements to the characters. 

Dominique Maharaj has been considered by Billboard magazine as one of the Latin singers with a more international projection in the last two years; her music hits are already heard worldwide from digital streaming and video platforms. Here you can watch the video of My Beautiful Mistake (Dominique Maharaj – My Beautiful Mistake (Yogev Remix) – Juanito Cardona – YouTube)

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