Many things are necessary for a decentralized metaverse, and one of the most important is the DAO, because it ensures that the power of decision is always with the community. One of its great benefits is the use of tokens, which are necessary tools used to vote for changes in a project and improvements to what already exists. We tell you about three important advantages that Landian will also implement:   


The basic design principles established when the DAO is created are the most important for decision-making and voting. These principles are a sign of the will of the people who form a community and are always respected by new members coming to the project. 

Although some think that DAOs are not fully decentralized because of the volume of tokens that some members may have, which implies a privilege in voting, power is significantly more distributed compared to the centralized leadership of a joint venture. 

Community participation 

The community of a DAO can connect with each other from anywhere in the world; they can work on a specific proposal for the project, and anyone can join a DAO (they would only need an internet connection and governance tokens).

Participation in a DAO implies the unique value of contributing to new projects such as cryptocurrencies or play-to-earn. Members of a DAO create a sense of belonging and drive other members to set new precedents with more rewards in exchange for participation.

Equal voting 

All DAO investors have the opportunity to influence decisions about the future of their projects. An investor’s number of tokens would determine their voting power in the organization. However, each DAO member can voice their opinion on new proposals and ideas through decentralized governance.

Differences that may arise between voters must come to an agreement, and blockchain ensures that those agreements are upheld and become part of the DAO’s regulations, which will continually grow and be maintained according to the community.

DAOs are one of the most valuable utilities of blockchain and Web3. Thanks to the decentralization of an autonomous structure, DAOs provide new definitions for an organization.

Are you already part of a DAO? Mention other advantages that a blockchain DAO can offer.

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