We have read many times that the metaverse will be worth millions of dollars in a few years; we also know that several companies are developing metaverses and immersive experiences, we even know that artists and celebrities perform concerts in the metaverse; what we do not know very well are its advantages and benefits for education that compete directly with current educational models, some outdated and others not very inclusive.

The metaverse can be a revolution in schools and universities because it will change the teaching methodology to more immersive and interactive learning. Students and teachers will continue to exist, but their role will go far beyond being in a classroom, one of the things that must change the most in traditional teaching. 

The metaverse will impact learning models and processes because it will provide access to a larger volume of students. It will move from lecture methodologies to gamification. Also, the quality of learning can be personalized and adapted to students’ routines, and contents and environments will move from face-to-face to online and immersive worlds.

During the first week of October, Landian participated in the event Más allá del metaverso (Beyond the metaverse) organized by the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, one of the best universities in Colombia. The event included talks about the metaverse and its different utilities in areas as diverse as ethics, neuroscience, agriculture, medicine, and technology. 

Landian was at the event and showed some areas of projects already in development, such as EquusLand, Sex City, and Kannabys City. Users were able to experience some of Landian’s functionalities and are already waiting for more.

Just as the metaverse is known in gaming, we must also understand its functionalities in education, where it will indeed arrive and become part of new teaching processes.

Would you like to study in the metaverse? Let us know what you would like to learn.

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