Will social networks die with the metaverse, or will we learn a new way of sharing content through them? We discuss their evolution through Web3 in this blog.

When we log on to Instagram or Twitter, we are already used to “liking” an eye-catching post; retweeting or “tagging” someone in a photo has become an everyday action. Thanks to social networks, people can also read this new lexicon of words in video games, educational, or work platforms; they are all part of something bigger that is transformed by the metaverse: internet browsing.

The metaverse will impact the way we use social media. With the recent integration of NFTs to Instagram, we know that Web3 is coming quickly to all digital platforms; it’s only a matter of time before we can fully understand it and explore the new content creation possibilities that the metaverse brings with social media.

In the last twenty years, social networks have become a tool for work and entertainment for everyone. Communication, transactions, and content sharing over social networks have increased tremendously with the advent of TikTok and all that without physical interactions. But today, social media companies are forced to think outside the box and design innovative strategies that will help them avoid being left behind. 

The metaverse will not end with social networks: it will be an extension of them to offer new immersive experiences to users, such as live events and collaborations based on virtual and augmented reality. The technology is in the testing phase, and we will have to wait a few years to know how we will use social networks in the metaverse. Meanwhile, we can learn all the news of Landian to be up to date with Web3.

Already have your NFTs on Instagram? Please tell us what you’d like to do when social media is in the metaverse.

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