A decentralized project needs a community that supports it and helps it to be prominent and recognized. For Landian, its community is fundamental; every day, we receive messages of support from people who follow us on social media and from new metaverse enthusiasts who always want to know more.

People can interact in virtuality and reality under the same conditions; virtuality does not just imply distance, but rather other forms of interaction and a paradigm shift in the history of the web. In a blockchain and metaverse project, the community is the one that favors the adoption of the token and generates a stable economy that responds to the principles of supply and demand; it is an interaction that is constantly expanding. 

Currently, Landian is on all social media and communicates in a direct and conversational tone. However, the Landian community decides what they want to talk about and what they expect from the metaverse. At Landian, we implement user-generated content to produce content that interests our community and is what they expect from the metaverse. 

Recently, consumers have mutated from “company first” to “community first.” These different strategies put the community first; companies now are not as much a priority, but instead the content they make for the people. 

Landian has taken this into account and offers its community interactive AMA’s in which people’s comments are received and responded to live. Also, metahumans have been created for many community members and whitelists register buyers to give them preferential access to purchasing the token.

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