Getting to your land in Landian and knowing about its features is quick and easy; our metaverse goes further and creates an easy-to-use land location experience. 

Visit your land is Landian’s most recent product for its community. With this experience, users can locate their land and know its basic characteristics such as square meters, the biome where it is located, and its topographic features.

Landian is always focused on creating usable products for the Web3 community. With Visit Your Land, you can now “set foot” in Landian and see your land quickly; this experience allows you to keep an eye on your buildings and make decisions about them and the ideas you have. This Landian milestone is a Christmas gift we developed with the whole team; it is also a metaverse functionality. 

With a generic avatar, you will get to your lots. This avatar will give you a tour, and you can use it whenever to visit the lots. Like Landian Biomes Test 1, this experience is navigated through controls to move around the land and manage the avatar’s movements. 

The Visit Your Land platform works through the uploading of experience data and is a compiled downloadable file that you can access as many times as you want through a desktop computer. 

To enter Visit Your Land, you must connect your wallet; the system validates your wallet and invokes the lot, and then you can select the one you want to visit and go from the aerial view to the front view. For now, you will only be able to see the lot(s) that belongs to you.

The Visit Your Land experience is available to Landian buyers who purchased their lots; if you did not buy lots in the September public sale, you should expect a new land sale for Tier 2. We will tell you about metaverse updates through our social networks. 

What do you think about this Landian milestone functionality in the metaverse? Tell us in the comments.

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