Architecture is a discipline that has existed for centuries; some of us do not understand the purpose of architecture, but we know that we need it, and we see it everywhere.

In Landian, the Architecture team is multidisciplinary and is in charge of designing and modeling the structures and buildings of many spaces of the metaverse. They also created all the districts’ urban planning and territorial division, which was essential work for Landian.

Every day, the architects of the metaverse explore trends and styles that serve as a reference to create the “Landian style,” the identity that can be identified by all users who start their journey in the metaverse. The Landian adventure needs not only programmers, modelers, or developers but also architects.

A good idea works on any surface, and Landian’s architects have some very good ideas. When a new project comes to the architectural office, it is studied, and a workflow is employed that can have a beginning and an end before it reaches the Art team. The architects work with the most current software available for design and modeling, but paper and pencil are also part of essential tools.

In the coming months, Landian will announce new projects that will be very useful for its community, pioneering tools for the metaverse that will lead the whole Landian to be the real Web3. 

What do you know about architects in the metaverse? What do you think their job is? Tell us in the comments.

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