The Landian community is eager to learn more about the products of the metaverse, and the Development and Art Team created a biomes test that can be explored as a first glimpse of Landian. 

This experience, called Landian Biomes Test 1, will allow you to tour the entire Landian ecosystem and see the natural landscapes and the architecture of the designed homes. It will be a tour of approximately 25 minutes through a car that runs along a track. The metahuman will be able to get out of the vehicle, enter the houses and walk through them. Everything will be controlled by the participant.  

This first biome test for the Landian community offers a series of exclusive benefits related to the metaverse that will have limited participation. Those who participate will be part of the community in Discord through a unique channel created for alpha testers and will know, first hand, Landian updates. Another benefit will be to have the chance to test projects before the rest of the community. In these tests, the community will tell us about their expectations and about areas opportunities for improvement.

At the end of the tour, participants will mine an NFT that will turn them into Landian alpha testers, something unique in the metaverse that they will only be able to experience here. For this experience, participants will fill out an already available form and provide some data.

The Landian Biomes Test 1 is one of the many projects we will launch to the community in the coming months. Soon, we will tell you more news from the metaverse, including interviews, and educational and interactive content. Expect it soon. 

Would you like to be a Landian alpha tester and be a metaverse pioneer? Let us know more details.

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